Product details

Panasonic Ceiling AC CS-T24K-2.0 Ton

Panasonic Ceiling Type Air Conditioner 2.0 Ton

  • Brand: Panasonic Inverter
  • Origin: Japan
  • Assemble: Malaysia
  • Inverter Technology
  • Blue Fin condenser
  • Selectable Thermo Sensor

  • On/Off Real Setting Timer

  • Wide Angle Airflow

  • Wall to wall comfort even in large room

  • Auto Swing Louver

  • 3-Direction Pipe Lead Out

  • Anti Mould Long Life Air Filter

  • Optimum comfort recommend

  • Cleaning the air filter

  CS-T24K Air Conditioner

  1. Fast cooling at start up: At start up, auto will run at super high fan speed to cool the room faster, 15% faster for cooler comfort.
  2. Maintain cooling comfort: Auto provider’s constant cool airflow to maintain a comfortable level of relative humidity.
  3. Automatic fan speed: automatic swathes fan speed to high and super high fan speed depending on the temperature.
  4. Low vibration: Motor loads runs smoother with low vibrations resulting in quieter operation.
  5. Stable operation: Sine wave regulates power voltage that is identical to power supplied, ensuring consistent performance and stable operation.

The Panasonic  Air Conditioner  is a powerful and reliable Split Wall type AC for your home. For over 12 years Natural Cool Air Conditioning & Engineering has distributed the world-renowned Panasonic AC’s in Bangladesh. This Brand Type Air Conditioner is renowned for its powerful cooling capability and durability. 

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