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General Split Type AC ASGA36-3.0 Ton

General Split Wall Type 3.0 Ton Air Conditioner


Brand: General
Origin: Japan
Assemble: Thailand

More Sweet able Airflow

Airflow volume is increased more than current model and comfortable cooling is delivered to every corner of the room.

Heat Exchanger of High Density

Heat exchange performance is substantially improved by the thin high-density heat exchanger and multi-path efficiency technology. High performance grooved piping with expanded heat exchanger area is used.


Powerful Heating

High heating capacity is realized even at low outdoor temperature by mounting a large heat exchanger or large DC rotary compressor and developing high performance inverter PCB


Hydrophilic coated heat exchanger ensures rust resistance for prolonged life.

High Capacity Compressor

Compressor capacity higher than machine capacity ensures powerful operation at high ambient temperature.

The General 3.0 Ton Air Conditioner  ASGA-36FETAS  is a powerful and reliable Split Wall type AC for your home. For over 12 years Natural Cool Air Conditioning & Engineering has distributed the world-renowned General AC’s in Bangladesh. This Brand Type Air Conditioner is renowned for its powerful cooling capability and durability. The ASGA-36FETAS  lives up to this reputation.

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