Product details

General Cassette AC AUG45AB-4.0 Ton

General Air Conditioner Cassette Type 4.0 Ton

Model No: AUG45AB

Airflow System 2-4 Way

Select 2-way, 3-way or 4-way airflow to suit your needs.

Duct Connection Hole Opening

Air Conditioner  can be distributed by means of a distribution duc

Turbo Fan 2-Stage

High efficiency design by 2 stage structure

4 Step Swing Comfortable Airflow

Auto airflow direction and auto swing ensures the supplied air does not blow over the ceiling.


Improvement of the Airflow Distribution

The new louver design distributes air, leaving a space between the chassis and the ceiling allowing far and wide airflow distribution, having no air contact with ceiling.

Easy Maintenance

Detachable, washable filter and intake grille. The control box is easily accessible for maintenance work. Wide opening for easy access.

Compact design  

World’s first 44,500 Btu model in the compact cassette category Easy installation by taking off ceiling panel of 600 x 600 s